Excerpt from Preface

The Journey Through Cancer: How to Lose 25 lbs. Without Diet or Exercise, and Be Cancer Free in 8 Months | Jim Serritella

Excerpt from Preface:

“How to Lose 25 Pounds Without Diet or Exercise” sounds
like a dream for most people who would like to trim a
few pounds. The reality, however, is being in poor health that then
generates its own weight loss program—and you will not be a happy
camper going through the process. This book is the story of going
through and surviving excruciating Stage 3A lung cancer. It is a
remarkable story that began by accident after an uncontrollable
upset stomach in the emergency room of our local hospital, Med-
Star Montgomery (formally Montgomery General Hospital – Montgomery,
Maryland). Welcome to the journey of fighting and beating
Stage 3A lung cancer.

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