Chapter Summaries

Detailed Chapter Synopsis
Important Events within the Journey

  • Dedication
    The dedication is a very important read – it sets the tone of why the Journey Through Cancer was written – so we remember those who went before us on this trip. Friends, relatives, and acquaintances are not forgotten.
  • Cover
    The front cover explanation of this unique design presents the message of a journey of more than a single person. The message throughout the book – you cannot win this battle alone.
  • Endorsements
    The seven endorsements include cancer survivors, oncologists, business people, and a statement from a dear friend who fought a tremendous battle, but unfortunately lost the fight. Each endorsement captures the body and soul of the reader.
  • Preface
    The short preface sets the stage of the book…. Got an ache, pain, not sure… get it checked. Better to be looked at rather than viewed!!
  • Introduction
    Introduction begins with the lesson and comedy of Yogi Berra. Be ready for “Change” as presented by the team. Many definitions of the term, listen, assess, act, and be ready again.
  • Chapter 1 – Examination
    The Examination Accident came from the statement, “Let’s error on caution”, with a “Let’s take an X-ray” illustrating a problem on the film. And the Journey begins!!!
  • Chapter 2 – The Team
    There is no “EYE” in team. It takes a team to fight this battle.  Meet the team and its related – Who, What, Where, When, and Why.  We had a great team.
  • Chapter 3 – The Problem
    You can’t asked the questions without defining the problem. We have an anomaly – what does it mean?  The problem defines the questions, approach, and potential solutions.  Lots of small steps to gain an upper hand on the solution.
  • Chapter 4 – Prayer
    Old military expression, “There are no atheists in a foxhole”. Welcome to the cancer foxhole! Regardless of your faith or lack thereof, you will pray to a deity or higher power. God will be part of your daily meditation.  We had a great prayer chain – build your team.
  • Chapter 5 – Questions
    This problem – cancer – breeds questions. You have to dig out the answers – or try to dig out the answers. Read the questions – write the answers, then re-read the question and the answer.  If not – ask it again, until you understand the both parts.
  • Chapter 6 – The Updates
    Your friends want to know, “How you doing? What’s going on? Etc etc. “. Tell them – you have to be positive and leave realistic messages for your group of folks.  Whatever your electronic message board – keep the group informed.
  • Marbles?
    You will love The Story of a Thousand Marbles – share it.
  • Chapter 7 – Conclusion Not The End
    Our journey had two goals – become cancer free, and the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia. Set you goals, you may need a couple so small steps first, then a few larger ones. Got to have goals.  Share the good news too.
  • Chapter 8 – What’s coming?
    What’s coming? Always beware, get tested, scanned, x-rayed – whatever the desired method of determining you are remaining “CANCER FREE”.
  • Chapter 9 –  Monumental
    The process was “MONUMENTAL” – documented in a step-by-step depiction of what was accomplished. It speaks for itself.
  • Chapter 10 – The Survivors
    There are two types of survivors in the world of cancer. Those who fought and won to live another day, and those who lost the battle and left grieving family to survive the rest of the battle.  A powerful section elegantly presented to both parties.
  • Chapter 11 – Moving Forward
    Moving forward don’t forget to keep on>> keeping on!
  • Epilogues
    The Epilogue describes two life’s emotions of saying good-bye and thank you.  Enjoy the full book’s journey – it’s part of life’s adventure.