Excerpt from Chapter 4 – “Prayer”

The Journey Through Cancer: How to Lose 25 lbs. Without Diet or Exercise, and Be Cancer Free in 8 Months | Jim Serritella

Excerpt from Chapter 4 – “Prayer”:

There is an old military expression, “There are no atheists in a
foxhole.” Welcome to the cancer foxhole! I don’t care whether
you are Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, and atheist, or whatever: you
will pray to a deity or higher power. God, Yahweh, or Buddha discussions
(I will use the term of God) will become part of your daily
mediation and petition. It just will. Refer to any of the updates presented
in Chapter 6.

“Let us remember we are in the holy presence of God, in the name of the
Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”
Anyone who has been educated
by the Christian Brothers of St. John de LaSalle will know and
remember the opening words to all prayers on the hour and halfhour
while attending school. Followed by the closing words of the
prayer: “Live, Jesus, in our hearts forever.” The Christian Brother community
had, and still has, a major influence in my life. Did we pray
before exams? Of course. Have I continued to pray in times of uncertain
moments in my life? Of course. And when the cancer diagnosis
was announced, we prayed. And over the succeeding months of
tests, appointments, treatments, and operations, we kept a prayer

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